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Dagestan stone


What is a "dagestanskij kamen"?


Dagestan stone is a generalized name for several fossil rocks used for decorating and building houses. The natural collection of Dagestan stones includes rocks of sandstone, limestone and shell rock. A feature of the stone from the Dagestan stone is its excessive beauty and centuries-old allergies. One of the events made of Dagestan stone is the Naryn Kala fortress, which is about 5 thousand years old. At the same time, to this day, the fortress retains its appearance.

Manufacture and sale of Dagestan stone

Dagestan shell stone


Dagestan stone in Krasnodar, Moscow, Rostov-on-Don, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, St. Petersburg from the manufacturer.

Sandstone tiles


Facing stone sandstone from the Akushi (region of Dagestan). Delivery from the quarry in the shortest possible time. Facing tiles for the facade and plinth.

Installation of stone tiles


Installation of tiles made of Dagestan stone is carried out according to the design project by experienced craftsmen.

Finishing the basement of the building


Dagestan stone for finishing the basement - Mekegin dolmite - the best choice for a country house...

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The exclusivity of the Dagestan stone


Practically in every settlement of Dagestan, a record is kept of the extraction of a wide breed of stone for facade cladding. Thanks to a wide variety of stone types, it is possible to realize absolutely any design of the facade of a house, cottage or commercial building.




How to buy Dagestan stone?


In our research center, the best samples of Dagestan shell rock, sandstone and limestone are mined. We supply tiles and elements for the facade and plinth to all regions of Russia and the CIS. Due to the presence in the market of international trade services, the possible supply of stone from the Republic of Dagestan to the nearest point in the world, including the USA, Germany, Great Britain, France or China. Call us or send a message using whatsapp.

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Dagestan stone

Natural stone for decoration and construction of houses and any buildings in classical and modern design styles. Eco-friendly building materials with delivery by transport companies.

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